How to create an order form on Stripe

Updated: May 27, 2024

Published: May 27, 2024

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Stripe is the gold standard for payment processing on the internet. It powers digital payments for all types of companies from Shopify to Whatsapp to FormPay. But Stripe was originally built with software developments in mind, not regular people who just want to sell something online. If you’re looking to create an order form on Stripe in order to collect payments, it could be non-intuitive to set up. In this post, we’ll walk through how you can create a form on Stripe and more intuitive alternatives you should consider.

Create a form with Stripe Payment Links

The no-code option to create a form on Stripe is to use their Payment Links feature. It’s not a true form and there are lots of restrictions, but it’s the closest you can get to creating a form on Stripe. 

This is how you set it up:

  1. Create new Stripe Payment Link: After you sign up for a Stripe account, go to the Payment Links section on the dashboard, and press “New” to create a new payment link.
  2. Fill in payment link details: The “Create a payment link” modal will provide you with all the steps you need to fill out for your link.

    Stripe Payment Link Form
  3. Create custom form fields: This is where you add form fields to the payment link. Press “Advanced Option” and select “Add custom fields”. You can create up to three custom form fields and can choose three types of fields—Text, Numbers or Dropdown. Each field type would have its own options, but you can set character limits and determine whether the field is optional or not.

    Stripe form
  4. Publish your payment link:Press “Create Link” and you’ll get a unique url that you can copy and share with your clients.

    Stripe Link

Unfortunately, there’s not more that you can do with Stripe Payment Links as it’s quite restrictive in what you’re able to do with it. It could be useful if you only need to collect a few simple additional information from your customers, but it might not work at all if you want to do anything more. If you need more complex forms, you should consider using FormPay, which is a highly customizable form e-commerce solution with Stripe payments integrated.

Use FormPay’s order form as an alternative

If Stripe’s out-of-the-box payment link order form solution doesn’t suit your needs, FormPay is an alternate solution you can use. FormPay is a simple ecommerce solution that lets you build order forms the way you want to and has Stripe directly integrated. 

Similar to Google Forms, FormPay lets you add as many form fields as you like to collect all the information you need from your customers, but you can also add in dollar amounts to charge for form selections. There are all types of form fields including text, radio, dropdown, phone, email, and more. In addition, if you’re selling something that needs pickup or delivery, there are pre-built form options to let you collect that information with ease.

Lastly, once your customer orders and pays, you and your customers will both get email confirmation messages that have all the form answers listed out for reference.

FormPay’s order form capability has been used successfully by merchants of all industries, including Pod the North newsletter for sponsorship sales, a New York opera singer for ticket sales, and a pair of friends to sell popcorn seasoning.


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