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Why people love FormPay

  • “I’m so glad we switched! Google Forms was super clumsy. With FormPay, we get all the order info we need and we get paid instantly.

    Danny M.

    Danny M.


  • FormPay has significantly reduced my admin workload, freeing up about 2 to 3 hours per week.”

    Guiliana T.

    Guiliana T.

    G Sweets

  • I was immediately sold on FormPay when I heard I no longer have to text back and forth with clients for custom orders. I can just send them a link to order!”

    Jenn X.

    Jenn X.

    Good Bones

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    Clubs & Teams

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    Community Groups

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    Events & Conferences

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Everything you need to start selling quickly

  • Drag and drop
    Easy, fast setup

    Create your perfect one-page registration page in minutes. Just drag and drop the form fields you need. No coding required. Selling registrations and memberships online has never been easier.

  • Select orders
    Accept orders with ease

    Whether you need to know someone’s t-shirt size for a sports team or dietary restrictions for a summer camp, our powerful form tools will let you gather all the info you need to know about your members.

  • Page builder
    Your store. Your brand.

    Personalize your store with your colors and logo. Your store will look good on mobile and desktop.

  • Payment types
    Get paid the way you want

    Accept all types of payments — credit, debit, CashApp, and Google Pay, Apple Pay. Never turn a sale away again.

  • Accept donations
    Accept donations

    Let your members show their appreciation for you when they checkout.

  • Customer list
    Build your mailing lists

    Automatically collect customer emails and phone numbers at checkout. Build your membership lists, so you can keep in touch.



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