How to connect Square Payments with Google Forms

Updated: May 27, 2024

Published: May 27, 2024

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To collect paid orders online, you need a way to collect order information and process payments. Google Forms is one option that people use to collect order information, and Square is a popular payment processor for independent sellers. But what if you need to connect Square with Google Forms? That’s where it can get tricky. We’ll show you how to connect Square with Google Forms in this article, and show you other solutions that are easier to set up.

Square Payment Link

Square has a payment link solution where you can create a checkout link for your customers to pay. If you’re selling a simple product or service with one flat price, then you can add the payment link to the bottom of your Google Forms or in the “Thank You” page after form submission, and tell your customers to pay you at the Square payment link to complete their purchase.

Set up your link

Pros: If you’re already signed up for Square, you can just use the same payment processing for your Google Form order form. 

Cons: This isn’t really a Square and Google Form integration but a makeshift solution that is a bit like the honor system. You will have to trust that your customers pay you the right amount and on time. You’ll also need to spend additional effort in reconciling payments to orders. Lastly, this makeshift solution will only work if you have a simple use case without the need to for calculated totals.

Tshirt Payment Link

FormPay as an alternative

As you can tell, Square and Google Forms don't actually have a direct integration that would be a smooth payment experience for you and your customers. However, FormPay is an alternate solution that provides exactly what you need to accomplish. FormPay is similar to Google Forms, but more beautiful and built for e-commerce with payments integrated. Instead of Square, FormPay uses Stripe, which is an equivalent payment processor that’s the gold standard of payment processing online.

Pros: FormPay has payments directly integrated so you don’t have to worry about hacking a solution together. Unlike Google Forms, it’s designed for selling things, so you’ll get additional features like an order dashboard, email confirmation receipts, and much more.

Cons: You’ll have to reset up your Google Forms content on FormPay and FormPay doesn’t support Square at the moment. However, you only have to reset everything once and Stripe is just as good as Square for payment processing.


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